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Hotel Geotel Antofagasta in Chile

Hotel Geotel Antofagasta

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Hotel Geotel Antofagasta

Comfort, the best technology and maximum peacefulness always within easy reach. This is the Hotel Geotel Antofagasta, a modern city hotel designed for business travelers and getaway leisure breaks. Equipped with high quality services and professional personalized service, it is bioclimatic accommodation which is respectful of the environment and designed to ensure rest and relaxation for guests.

With free Wi-Fi, indoor parking, rooms for corporate events and 139 rooms with ocean views, the hotel is located in Jardines del Sur, one of Chile's most exclusive residential neighborhoods. The Hotel Geotel Antofagasta is a sustainable hotel which is ideal for senior executives and travelers seeking a great stay at a great price. Always Book your stay on the official website of the Hotel Geotel Antofagasta.

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HotelHotel Geotel Antofagasta

Committed to the environment

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Located right on the Travesía Coloso, next to the ocean, in one of the quietest and safest areas in the entire region of Antofagasta, Chile.

Travesía de Coloso Nª 03463 Antofagasta, Chile
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Hotel Geotel Antofagasta Antofagasta
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